Demitri Dovinyeski

Drunken Pally


Name: Scruff True Name: Demitri Dovinyeski
Class: Paladin of Freedom / Fighter Level: 10 Gesault
Race: Human Alignment: Chaotic Good
Patron Deity/Religion: Oldimara

Age: 27 Sex: Male
Size: Medium Hair: Dark Brown
Height: 5’ 6" Weight: 178 lbs
Eyes: N/A Skin: Tan
Handedness: Right

Family/Siblings: No family known of

Physical Description: Wearing a slightly rusty chain shirt under his ale drenched tunic, he looks to be in bad shape. Tucked into his tunic but barely hidden by his shirt is a necklace with the symbol of Oldimara and a gold ring. On his head is a widebrimed hat under which is what appears to be a dirty black silk blindfold partialy covered by his shaggy brown hair. Under the blindfold you can kind of see that where his eyes should be, are just empty sockets. His face is dirty and it appears that he hasn’t shaved for a couple days. He doesn’t look to be wearing a cloak of any kind instead wearing a long, floor length coat. On his waist is a badly beaten leather belt with a couple of daggers stuck into and a exotic looking longsword on his back. Both hand are nursing an ale from which he has barely sipped. On the floor besides him is a very tattered backpack that looks like it holds everything he owns.

Personality: Likes to keep to himself, but is open and friendly when properly plied with alcohol. When he’s bored he flips and catches the daggers that he has stuck in his belt.


Contacts/Friends: Bro. Qualla (Clergy of Oldimara, “Pale Shadow” Rogue of Rek’Les<54>), Ree’ann Tymor (Girlfriend, lives in Sanborn <21>), Klyssa Tymor (Daughter of Ree’ann <10>)

Demitri Dovinyeski

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